Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tell me Lies! Tell me Sweet Little Lies! A review of Michael Grant’s Lies

I started the Gone series a few months back with a pretty open mind and believe that I would never really finish all the books. What a difference a few months make. After reading Hunger I was pretty much certain I needed to go through the entire series and by the time I finished Lies I became sort of an addict to the story.  Summary and review after the jump

Food is still scarce in the FAYZ and now, the mutants and normals alike have even more to fear. Zil and his human crew are literally tearing the town apart and residents of perdido beach swear they’ve seen Drake, the monster with a whip for a hand roaming the streets. The newly formed council brushes these sighting of as the spreading of lies, something they themselves have been guilty of doing in the past couple of days. Sam is pushed to the limits and he may not be able to step up in the long line of battles that keep on coming.

What I like about the Gone books is that it features not one main character, but jumps to several characters and how they cope with life in the FAYZ. Just like its predecessors Lies reads extremely fast and is very enjoyable. It does take a bit of concentration in remembering who is who and what power they possess. It doesn’t help that new characters are introduced in this novel that were never mentioned before.

I’m happy that Sam finally snaps, and leaves it all to the town council to figure out because they, mainly Astrid, think Sam has it very easy and it’s nice to see them in his shoes this time round. Another point which I liked, is how we are finally introduced to the world outside the barrier and how the adults are coping with this phenomenon. It should be noted however, that most of these accounts come from Orsay, the dream-invader from Hunger, who has a major role in this novel. Orsay is however, not extremely reliable so it’s still up to debate whether or not the outside world actually is like the accounts we are given.

Lies is a great addition to the series; you still have the same characters you like, others you hate and some that really just need to die already- I came to the realization that I actually wished for characters, who were younger than fifteen, to die because they’re so incredibly awful, but I quickly recovered from that realization and still hold on to my convictions of some characters who really need to meet their maker already.

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