Thursday, May 15, 2014

Light by Michael Grant-reviewed

It’s probably been just short of a year since I started with the Gone series. Michael Grant’s 6 volume young adult series practically had me from the start. Luckily all of the books had already been published by the time I started so I didn’t have to wait for new installments to come out ( I still have Harry Potter waiting trauma). I finally got the Light, the final installment last month, and started reading as soon as I could. Synopsis and review after the jump

It's Lord of the Flies for the Heroes generation The final installment of Michael Grant's epic Gone series. A blood-pumping, white-knuckle sci-fi thriller of epic proportions All eyes are on Perdido Beach. The barrier wall is now as clear as glass and life in the FAYZ is visible for the entire outside world to see. Life inside the dome remains a constant battle and the Darkness, away from watchful eyes, grows and grows ...The society that Sam and Astrid have struggled so hard to build is about to be shattered for good. It's the end of the FAYZ. Who will survive to see the light of day?

So. Many. Emotions. This was a very satisfying, though emotional. ending to the series. Grant left me at the edge of my seat for most of the story. There is heartbreak; some favorites do not make it, while others, who you wished would have died from the get go live on or even stranger, actually change. Violence is still a major factor, just like in the previous installments. However there is also the underlying presence of themes in the novel. Redemption and forgiveness are major points that the story addresses, as well as the treatment of children. Caine and Sam are more alike than they think and working together may be their only hope for survival. If that isn’t a last minute form of brotherly love... The Fayz much like some groups, does its best to Keep Edilio and Roger, the token gay, but very likabale couple, apart; very much like certain groups would, but they fight against all odds to keep their love alive. Honestly Grant tugged at my heart strings with the Edilio/Roger storyline- even more so than the Sam/Astrid or Caine/Diana love- that I almost wanted to give up on the book entirely, especially with the addition of favorite character deaths. However I persevered, thankfully, and was rewarded, even more thankfully, with a wonderful ending. Grant’s narrative has never been better than it is in Light. This really is the Young Adult series everyone should be reading, and I’ll leave it at that.

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